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How it works

Setting up and managing users

Getting users started is easier than ever before whether you are assigning internal employees or students or external customers – you can upload individual users or do this in bulk to save you a lot of time. Oh and don’t worry our fully customisable CRM tools will allow you to reach out to them with all the details they need to get started.


Switch comes with a fully functioning e-commerce integration with all major payment gateways including Stripe and Paypal. You have an option to either opt for a one-off payment or monthly subscription so it couldn’t be easier.

Managing clients and users

If you are dealing with multiple departments or clients and want to give each of them a personalised experience, Switch can simply create personalised sub-domains that are either white labelled or co-branded which ever you prefer.

Course management

Being able to have complete control over your courses is fundamentally important. Switch gives you the absolute flexibility you need when you offer a range of different learning programmes, modules or units.

You have the ability to choose the order of the courses as well as lock and unlock


Our unique personalised learner
pathway model

We have developed a proprietary way of executing a personalised learner journeys based on our 3C model. The first pillar is context. After all, everybody learns for a specific reason and within a specific context. So, the learner chooses their context which helps to identify the reasons why they want to learn about a specific area. The second pillar is competencies. These are the key skills you need in order to complete a certain task. These competencies can be linked back to those from a workplace framework so it helps enhance a specific area on a learners personal development plan. Finally, the third pillar is courses. These are the specific learning resources you have in order to gain the competencies required.

Reporting and Analytics

We recognise that understanding your learner and the way that they learn is fundamentally important. So not only do you have access to a leading analytics dashboard and individualised reporting that you can export into any format, Switch is also linked to a Learning Record Service. This means that by using courses in Tin Can or XApi format we can glean a wealth of information about how your learners are progressing and the patterns in which they learn.

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Keep your learners engaged

Switch has a full CRM component linked to it where we can set any communication trigger that you would require. It allows you to keep your learners engaged at each step of the way and send reminders when you need to. You have the ability to send regular update communications as well as posted directly on social media so you can attract new customers as well.


Gamification and dashboards

In order to keep your learners engaged, Switch has designed leading functionality that delivers digital badges, issues certificates and hosts leadership boards. This recognises and rewards your learners for their efforts and also brings out their competitive spirit. Our dashboard also ensures that a learner can keep a track of their progress in real-time.


Front-end customise design

Our LMS does not restrict you in any way and together we can craft a front end look and feel which really makes your learning experience stand out from the rest. We do this through our custom design process.


Mobile and Immersive Learning

Switch also specialises in delivery an exceptional learning experience by being fully compatible with mobile responsive and immersive learning courses. So whether you are on a smartphone, tablet or VR headset – Switch is the right choice for you.